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  1. i got a benelli supernova and im wanting to know if anyone knows a good turkey choke i can get for it
  2. i have a supernova and have had it for about 3 or 4 years now. i used to have a mossburg 500 and have shot many 870. they seem to shot goog but my supernova will out shot and out last one any day and is easyer to break down and clean. i would choose a supernova over any other pump shot gun any day
  3. Hey I know someone has asked this before and you all have talked about it but i couldnt find it. So what are some good chokes to buy for my benelli to make it pattern really tight for turkey hunting and will one choke fit all benellis or do you got to buy different ones for different modles?
  4. junkel

    benelli chokes

    Has anyone used one of them special purpose choke tubes benelli makes. I was wondering if the turkey special crio choke patterned good?
  5. hey thanks guy for the help I think I'm going to get a semi-auto not sure what one yet. I like the look of the vinci alot and sounds like it should be good but I have not heard much from people that have shot one. Oh and Tucker301 I do got a buddy that has a beretta xtream so I will probably shot it sometime today. Hey in4ever how dose your SBEll shot skeet and you ever have any cycling problems?
  6. Hey I own a benelli SuperNova and have been saving to get a semi-auto. I have been reading reviews about them and it seems like they have some problems with jamming and patterning high. I mostly skeet shoot and turky hunt some may get into some dove hunting. So I am wondering if I should get one or just stick with the Supernova. Any help would be greatly appreciated and any help on which semi-auto I should get would help alot to. Thanks
  7. junkel


    Has anyone shot the new vinci? I hear it is supposed to be the best gun ever. Anyone got any thoughts on it?
  8. junkel

    SBE ll vs M2

    dose anyone know how these guns pattern dose one pattern better
  9. junkel

    SBE ll vs M2

    im looking at getting a new benelli semi-auto. i want either a SBE ll or M2 i will be using it mostly for skeet shooting and turkey hunting any help on which one i should get would be helpful and i have heard some people say there SBE wont cycle 2 3/4 shells good anyone had that problem
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