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  1. Thank you. I love the shotgun, but the documentation was a little sketchy on using the shims in the original stock and the documentation of the replacement stock is non-existent! Yes, there are slots. I figured it was for the sling and am glad you confirmed! Have a great day. David
  2. Thank you for your note. I actually noticed that the black rubber piece fits in the stock in the area you suggested this morning—but when it is in place, I cannot reassemble the gun. There isn't really a space to fill between the trigger guard and the stock (unless I have it in backwards or something). Basically, without this piece the stock seems to be flush against the guard. I am wondering if it is a necessary filler for some shotguns (M2, SBE, etc) but not the SuperNova. David
  3. I am new to Benelli firearms. I have a SuperNova with the standard comfortech grip. I ordered a steady grip stock through my gun shop, and it came this week. It should seem pretty basic to swap these, but there are no instructions. I assumed I would remove the nuts from the Comfortech and just pop the new one on. However, the Steadygrip came with a square plate—that I suspect slides through the slot in the stock as part of the assembly and is the stock locking plate for this particular stock. There is also a small rubber piece that I am not sure where it goes. Can someone tell me? I am incline
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