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  1. So why doesn't someone from Benelli, since we are on their site give us the scoop? Are we going to see some mossy oak guns through Cabelas?
  2. They don't show the Super Black Eagle in Mossy Oak either, but I got one. I read that Mossy Oak, Cabelas, and Benelli teamed up this year to produce some guns in Mossy Oak camo. Just wondering when they are going to put out some more of them?
  3. I just purchased a Super Black Eagle in Mossy Oak Duck Blind, and was wondering if there were going to be more guns in that camo? I really want a Super Nova in that same pattern. Has anyone heard anything about it? I hope to find out in advance as I am currently in Iraq right now so I can't just go and shop for one. I need to get a good idea of when to be on the lookout for them. Thanks for any responses.
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