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  1. Where is a good place to buy the short 13.5 LOP Recoil Pad from? I am having a hard time finding one for a good price.
  2. So does your cordoba kick less than than the SBE? Can you tell a major difference? I have looked at getting a Vinci since it is a pound lighter, but i am a little iffy since it is the first gun with the new system... I am curious about the Vinci's kick also, but not many people have shot one to compare between the three. I am really trying to do some research before I drop such big $$$ on a new shotgun. I really wish there was a place around here I could test out the three guns, but no so fortunate!
  3. I hunt ducks/geese (which means shooting in low light occasionally), but I also do a lot of sporting clay shooting as well. the 3.5" is not THAT important enough to me to completely rule out a cordoba. I have shot the 12ga SBE 2 and love it. I was just trying to figure out if the speed, less recoil thus better accuracy (according to the web site) of the cordoba was worth the extra money over an SBE 2 or are they pretty much the same its just the SBE 2 gives you the extra option of 3.5" shells...
  4. Has anyone shot an SBE 2 and Cordoba? I would like to know if anyone can really tell a difference in recoil or any other differences?
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