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  1. Just got off the horn with Kip about my order. As stated earlier about the staffing issues, there's been a slight delay but he's pushing forward. He's also a gentleman and has my business regardless of any delays. I also asked about the possibility of buying some Ti windchimes... Might do better than my "Beware of Dog" sign on the door. If you were borderline about CarrierComp, I wouldn't have any worries at all. Like Kip said, if they aren't perfect, he's not shipping them.
  2. Infidel

    My M4 Build

    They are pretty snug, but easy to get out. I think for twenty some bucks, you can't go wrong.
  3. I'll never use lasers or lights on a handgun platform. I just don't see the return. Now on an AR or shottie, where both hands are used, then when used correctly, are both pratical and tactical. I like your taste in handguns, the M&P series are gtg.
  4. Fair enough. Actually I am the novice to Benelli. No shame in that. And thruth be told, I had to wait a total of two weeks in order to get one of the best HD shotguns on the market with all the "tacticool" toys. Damn shipping. Cody, you have to admit, lasers are pretty friggin sassy.
  5. Like the folks with M4s?
  6. Infidel

    My M4 Build

    S.D., here is a pic of the mount: I cut out one of the ladders in the SureFire rails and ran it across the top channel.
  7. Infidel

    My M4 Build

    Here ya go: http://www.opticsplanet.net/blackhawk-shotgun-bandoleer-black.html It was 21 and some change. I do a good deal of ordering through OP. The bandolier has been in and out of stock recently. It is very well made.
  8. Infidel

    My M4 Build

    this could turn into a gun pron thread...
  9. Infidel

    My M4 Build

    First, thanks to all that responded to my original "New to the M4" thread. I still am awaiting a few parts, but this is my build after a couple of weeks. I have more pics, but I'm limited to just 2 per post. I started off with a stock M4. Tactical purple towel did not come with the weapon. Next step was to install the collapsible stock. I then installed the SideArmor rail system. It was surprisingly light. I ordered it with two long side rails and a shot shell carrier. Carrier was on a little bit of a backorder, but will be coming soon. It might be a little taller that the stock rail, but the ghost rings are still gtg. Military and LEO discounts are available. Next on the list was the SureFire x400. It took some looking but I was able to find one. Installation was a little more tricky than sighting it in. I used the SureFire ladder rails and ran the cord from the xt07 over the top. It took some time with a razor and a Dremel to get it almost right. I still have a little ways to go. Bandolier in the pic is from Blackhawk. Still on deck is Kip's ti tube, shotshell carrier, and a some sling adapters. I primarily use Urban E.R.T. for my slings. Overall I am pretty pleased with the build. There was a little trepidation with the x400, but the controls and results are great. It produces a respectable 110 lumens, and the laser is very bright. I chose to set the xt07 for light and laser. I had also called the company to make sure that it would function as a weapon light for the M4. I'm not sure what's next if anything. The M4 out of the box is more than enough, but ****, everyone needs a hobby.
  10. Infidel

    New to the M4

    Great post SD. Thank you. I was lucky/unlucky enough to find the only X400 on GB. Price was spot on. So I got it. I am a lefty, not sure how it will affect my setup, but wel'll see. Worse comes to worse, I'll throw the X400 on my LMT CQB (we have good taste!). It's already got a trji ta31trd, but no good light and no lasers. I also ponied up at bought a SideArmor rail system. I spoke with Jeff, and I gotta tell you he was a great guy. http://www.sidearmor.com So now off to get the XT07 and some rail covers. By no means I am disregarding your obvious knowledge with the M4, I just like playing it by ear. Thank you for all of the intel. Oh, threw on the telescopic stock tonight. Any of my gunsmithing takes great prep. Beer. Check. Smokes. Check. Dog locked up. Check. Copious amount of documentation. Check. Doors are locked and the perimeter is free of zombies. 10 minutes later...a done deal. Pretty damn sexy. I find myself in this hideous pattern of spending at least 2-3 times the price ofthe weapon on bells and whistles. Even on my Ruger K10-22T build. Oh well, boys and their toys.
  11. Infidel

    New to the M4

    Thanks for the advice. Called SureFire, and they are making a run of the X400s in July, but a larger run in August. Optics Planet is where I do most of my shopping, will get some mid September. The XT07 has been changed so it now will snap on to a rail system. Just when I thought I had a plan... Might be back to duct tape .
  12. Infidel

    New to the M4

    OK, I am pretty sure I'll get the following: SideArmor rail with shellholder SureFire X400 SureFire XT07 What do you folk think? See anything wrong with this setup?
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