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    Union Electrician/Hunter/Angler/Shotgun fan! and just a guy who wants to try it all!
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  1. Thinking of becoming a season member this season at lake Cuyamaca. Has anyone hunted there? If so what are the good blinds? Thanks
  2. Went to Wister this past weekend,my first time duck hunting. Didn't see a single duck,as our luck would have it thou some pheasants got flushed out from the field behind us and we ended up taking 4 of them. So i think i have the bug now,i really enjoyed setting up the decoys,walking on some serious mud, and watching the sun come up. just wanted to ask if anyone has any idea why there are no ducks in that area? Thanks ''live it!''
  3. hows it going,i purchased a p350 stoeger and this is going to be my first duck hunting season. just wanted to know if anyone had any pointers/tips/tricks/advice? i would greatly appreciated,thanks.
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