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  1. Just thought I'd update the thread. I ended up going with the 20ga Monte. Awesome gun. It fired in the area of 500 rounds throughout the fall, including everything from heavy pheasant to light target loads. With the exception of the first shot out of the box (empty shell jammed while ejecting, and was a target load), it has been flawless. The first bird I pointed it at fell from the sky, can't argue with a start like that. It's easy to carry in the woods, looks great, fits me well, and is no doubt my favorite shotgun I've owned.
  2. The several hundred dollar price difference helps make the decision easier too!
  3. I won't be using the 20 for waterfowl, I'll keep the supernova 12 for that. It is legal here to load 5 shells for grouse here. I'm starting to lean toward the monte because it's quite a bit less expensive than the ultralight and is nearly the same weight. The 4+1 wouldbe a bonus.
  4. That fourth and fifth shot are desparation shots anyway, I havn't taken the plug out of my supernova in a few years. Thanks for the advice on the ultralight!
  5. Well, I figure if the grouse flies away after 3 shots, it gets a pass!
  6. Thanks for the opinion! Anyone else?
  7. I'm considering an Ultralight 20 gauge for a new grouse/pheasant gun. After doing some reading, a number of people say the recoil is harsh, but they don't give any basis for comparison. I have a Supernova 12 gauge, and its recoil is quite manageable for me. Is anyone that has fired both guns willing to give me a subjective comparison of the recoil between the two? Thanks!
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