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  1. I tried to post some but apparently they didn't make it passed the moderator. Don't know why. I'll find a way to get some up tonight for sure. My install went flawlessly, was easy with heat gun and a friend.
  2. I am about two days off from posting, but the tubes are real: Got it all installed on Friday night, everything went smooth as butter.
  3. Thanks for the info Hookster, I think I'll be ordering up a KZ setup in the near future. With that, the US follower and the Kip Ti FL tube, I should be back in 922r compliance I believe.
  4. Hookster, In looking at the pictures on BoTach's website for the KZ, it appears that the upper picatinny rail is required for mounting? Is this true? I use a Mesa Tactical side side that is integrated with the rail on the receiver, and I'd like to try out the KZ but I don't want to give up my side saddle. Thanks for any insight.
  5. I am headed out the door to his shop in about 30minutes to pickup the tube. He explained to me that he can easily spend 3hrs on the phone and online talking with people or he can spend it making product. He's obviously opted for the latter. So he's still alive and he wanted me to convey that I'll have a full report once I return...with pictures
  6. After another call to him just now, I was informed I can come pick it up today. /crossing fingers Any links to installation of this? I heard it can be a pain in the ass.
  7. I ordered mine in Jun, was charged on July 29th and I have still received no extension tube. I even live in the same town as the guy and he has stopped answering my calls as of yesterday. I was supposed to pick it up Friday of last week (9-19-2009) after calling on Tuesday and being told "it's on the table waiting to be blasted and coated, you'll get a call on Friday to come get it. Hopefully I hear something one way or the other or I'll be forced to go to my credit card company.
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