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  1. Where can I buy a plug for a montefeltro, 20 gauge? Or does anybody have one that they can give me rough dimensions and I will make one? Thanks. Mooregrouse
  2. I recently purchased a used Montefeltro in 20 gauge. I love the gun, but the stock is a little short (13 7/8 or 14" LOP). I need a 14 1/2 LOP. Is there prefit recoil pad made for the Montefeltro in 20 gauge? Or will I need to buy one that is close and have it ground? Presently I am using a slip on pad, and that works fine, but I would like something permanent. Thanks for your help. Mooregrouse
  3. I have been looking at Benellis in 20 gauge for upland hunting and some sporting clays, and today I found (and put on layaway) a used Benelli Super 90 in 20 gauge (looks to be new). I came home and tried to research what it was that I bought, and I am not coming up with much. It comes in a hard case, has 28" barells with a white mid-bead and fiber optic front bead. It has walnut stock and forend and screw-in chokes. I really like the way it feels and points, and bought it because it has the 28" barells (my clays gun has 30" and all of my game guns are 26" so I wanted one with 28"). I know
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