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  1. Royal Arms International.com makes and sells breacher chokes that attach to choked barrels. An adapter is needed to mount the Breacher onto barrel and the adapter installs in the barrel after removing the regular choke. You can also buy a new barrel with attached permanent breacher. $325.
  2. some years ago I took my boys snow geese hunting at the Richmond hunting club in Cal. MY oldest son was using my 16 gauge auto, and he is left handed and the gun is right handed....I made him shoot right handed.....well one shot he did it left handed and boy did he regret it. When the action came back while ejecting and loading another round, the bolt caught his thumb and almost ripped it off... Thank God I had some duck tape...we were able to limit out thanks to the fix all. My wife ripped me a new one when we got hope, cause he needed stitches..those were the days.
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