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  1. Tim, Thanks a bunch for the help. I guess I should've clarified on the skeet/trap shooting. I only do it for fun....and practice for out in the field. We usually head over to a friends house and throw some clays over a bean field behind his house. No real layout to how it throws....it's just random...so I guess it's more like skeet than huh?Nothing fancy...but it's good fun. I've hit ok with the full choke 30" barrel...just looking for something that works better. So with that being said...a shorter...say 26" barrel with a Rem Choke system would be best for my situation out at the field? While the original 30" full choke barrel would be good for trap? As for the Supernova....what barrel length would be good for dove, duck, and other bird hunting? I was going to go with a 28" for a longer line of sight...and just in case the birds are out there.
  2. Timb99....Mr Slugo.... You guys are right. I think it would be better to keep the original barrel the way it is. After looking at some general gunsmith prices, it would almost be cheaper just to buy a new barrel from Remington that was already threaded for the Rem Chokes (plus they come with 3 chokes). With that being said....what am I looking for in a good skeet/trap barrel? High vent rib...twin beads.....etc? Which Remington barrel would be ideal? Also...on the Supernova. Which finish holds up the best? I really like the Advantage camo finish for hunting, but I'm concerned with how well it will hold up. I've almost convinced myself to stick with the synthetic/black for fear that the camo won't hold up to solvents...oil...etc. I've heard horror stories about bug spray too. Deet vs Camo.....Deet winner by TKO....lol.
  3. Thanks for all the advice. I'm leaning towards getting the barrel threaded for the Rem Choke System. It does make sense to spend that little extra to get a more versatile gun. I'm trying not to spend too much money on it though...a few hundred at the most. The barrel is a 30" vent rib with a single steel bead sight. Would it help to add a second bead on the middle? I've noticed that alot of sporting clay guns have two sight beads..? This would help to line up your shot I assume. If not the sight beads....what type of sight would be the best?
  4. Ok guys...first off...thanks for all the help on previous threads concerning my vinatge Remmy 1100. The gun means alot to me (as my Dad handed it down) and I wanted to find it's purpose in my life. (I know this is the Benelli forum so it's gotta be hard to talk about it...lol) I've decided to go with a Supernova to do all the "dirty work" out in the field. I want a good solid, reliable, and relatively in-expensive hunting gun. I'm looking forward to getting it, and have heard nothing but great things about it. As for the 1100...it's going to be used strictly for skeet/trap. Since I previously found alot of help in this forum earlier....I figured maybe one more question on the Remington MIGHT not hurt. Since it is an older 1100 it has a fixed full choke. I was considering taking it to a gunsmith to open up the choke for shooting clays. If this is in fact a good idea....what would be the best OVERALL diameter (choke type) for skeet/trap? I'm not interested in threading it as this will be a sporting clays gun only. Or....should I just leave the fixed full choke? Again....thanks for all the help.
  5. I went to Gander Mtn. to check out some of the contenders in the semi-auto line. I shouldered the Beretta A391 Extrema 2, the Winchester SX3, and a few Benelli's (SBEII, M2, Vinci). I didn't care much for the feel of the SX3, that and the action seemed pretty stiff. The Beretta was ok but seemed a little bulky. Of course the SBEII felt great...but it's a little pricey for me. I haven't yet handled the Remmy 11-87 though...but looks to be a nice solid semi-auto. I really like the feel of my 1100 and would like to find something comparable....but something that can handle the outdoors....(not blued/wood). As for the M2....it's a 3" chamber....when would you need or prefer a 3 1/2" shotshell? Also...how does the inertia drive compare to the gas operated system of the 1100/11-87? I don't mind the cleaning aspect...as cleaning the gun after every use is a normal routine for me. Recoil and reliability are far more of a concern.
  6. I'm looking for a shotgun that can do it all. From clay shooting light loads at the range to upland/field, and waterfowl hunting. I would prefer a very light recoil (as would everyone else). I'd like a good solid all weather finish on the metals, and a synthetic stock/foregrip. I'm leaning towards a semi-auto....but a good pump will work as well (I know...there goes the light recoil....). I'd also like to keep the price close to $1K. I'm the new owner of my Dad's 37 year young Remington 1100 and I love it. It shoots smooth and cycles anything I can throw it in it....as long as its 2 3/4"...lol. Somehthing that will perform as good or better than this shotgun would be ideal. I'd rather not take the 1100 out in the field as I'm trying to keep it in the prestine condition that is was given to me. Any suggestions would be great.
  7. Thanks for all of your input, I defenitely appreciate it. My main concern is how well the 1100 will hold up in less then ideal conditions. I'd hate to ruin the wood/blueing in the rain, mud, etc. The 1100 is here to stay though...it's not going anywhere...lol. I just want something more durable to take out into the field. I guess the question now is....will I be disappointed with the Supernova after shooting the 1100? It was very smooth with negligible recoil. Will the recoil of the Supernova be THAT much worse? How does the 1100 compare performance wise? Is the Supernova worth it? Thanks again guys.
  8. I'm new to the forum as well as the shotgun world. I went out this past weekend and shot some clay's....and I'M HOOKED!!! I don't see how I went this long without it now...lol!!! My dad just handed down his 1972 Remington 1100 (In absolute MINT condition) to me this past weekend. It functioned great after 200 rounds or so of light target load. The only problem is the 2 3/4" chamber limitation. My buddy swears by Benelli (having owned a Nova) and recommended the new Supernova. The pump action isn't an issue for me. I'll defenitely be shooting clay's much more, but will also be out this season hunting dove and duck. With that being said...how will the Supernova compare to the 1100? Is it worth going out and spending the money on the Benelli if the Remington seems to be a solid shotgun?
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