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  1. i use G-96 spray to clean and lubricate. Have also used gun butter (pink one) and slick 2000. Have also used hoppes no 9 in the past to clean.
  2. Yes, i have shot about 5000 rounds through it. it doesn't bother the performance of the gun but i'm just wondering if the finish is supposed to peel off like that.
  3. I have owned a Benelli Super Sport for about 2 years now and notice that the satin finish on the rails where the bolt slides back and forth is starting to peel off. I am just wondering if this is normal wear and tear and a flaw in production. Other Super Sport owners, can you check if yours is doing the same? [ATTACH=CONFIG]792[/ATTACH]
  4. The stock is an MDS stock bought on Ebay. The seller still have one available, it's only $125 plus shipping. Superb deal considering a rear stock from Benelli and ordered through Brownells will set you back $450. The ebay listings say that it will only work for SBEII but as you can see, it works with the supersport. the fore-end won't work though which is why i'm still using the carbonfiber one. This is a very nice stock. You can still use the factory gel recoil pad on it. To fit it on the supersport, you just have to get a plastic spacer from benelli. the adjustable pad was installed by
  5. Who says a SuperSport can't be a trap gun? [ATTACH=CONFIG]793[/ATTACH]
  6. Not sure about the forestock but the rearstock will probably fit. I got a wooden stock for the SBEII and it fits on my SuperSport.
  7. You probably have a defective trigger group or the spring on your bolt release is not seated properly.
  8. I ordered the TS-S90 from T&S and tried it on my SuperSport. It does not work... So it is official that there is no shell catcher out there designed for the SuperSport or any of the newer Benelli shotguns. I guess I'll just have to stick with rubber bands.
  9. anyone ever tried the T&S Shell Catcher (TS-S90) on the SuperSport? Does it fit?
  10. Does the supersport uses the same rear stock as the SBE2?
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