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  1. Here is the update on this gun. Out of the box it was terrible to say the least. The gun would actually get stuck when you pumped it if you didn't slam the forend back with a lot of force. I have two friends with identical guns and both of them and the store models I looked at were smooth and worked as they should. I disassembled the gun and found the forend piece to be the culprit. Bottom line is the forend mold was deffective. One side was straight and the other was badly distorted and uneven. You could see it easily with the naked I and putting a straight edge against the one side showed that it bulged inward over 1/16th of an inch. In my opinion this should have easily been caught at the factory and it shows piss poor quality control in this one case. That being said, I purchased this gun because I have tried other ones and liked them and I have always heard good things about the quality of Benelli products. I guess I just got a dud that slipped through the cracks. I'm sure Benelli would have warrantied this no problem. In the end I chose to fix it myself. The problem is I bought this gun to use it for goose and duck hunting and goose season started last week. I bought the gun to use it, not wait several weeks for warranty repairs when hunting season has already started. I ended up using several sanding blocks and some 220, 400, and 600 grit paper to sand the inner part of the forend down to a smooth and straight edge. I probably voided any chance of warranty but the repair worked and the gun now works as it should. After several hours careful work I was able to use the gun on several hunts. I can now say that I am very impressed with this shotgun and I think I will enjoy shooting it for a long time.
  2. Hi, I'm new to this forum and yesterday I purchased my first Benelli. I bought a Super Nova with the max-4 camo finish to use as my dedicated waterfowl gun. I have shot a BPS for years and love it, but I wanted to get away from the shiny finish and get something easier to disassemble and clean after being exposed to moisture and dust from cattails. I have not even fired this gun yet but I must say that I am a bit disappointed right out of the box. After cleaning and properly oiling the gun the action is still incredibly rough. The gun pumps very hard and wants to bind if you don't slam it back hard. My question is this: Although I realize that some break in will be needed are these guns typically this rough out of the box and do they come out of it and start operating smoothly? I plan on running a four boxes of shells through it in the next few days on some clays and then dove hunting with it next week. Duck season isn't far away and I want a smooth and reliable gun on opening day. I've still got my tried and true BPS but I'm hoping I won't have to leave my new $500 gun at home. Any advice on breaking these things in would be greatly appreciated.
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