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  1. Well, I got home last night and patterned the Stoeger with a 1/4" gap on the bottom of my recoil pad and it patterned dead on maybe a tad high. I patterned it three times and then went and shot some blue rock and went 10 for 10. Now I need to get out and find some more doves.
  2. Well, I tried somthing that has not been mentioned yet and that is to add space to the bottom of my recoil pad. I took the pad off and put washers on the bottom. It seems to bring the front end of my gun up we will see what it does when I get home and shoot it. I got the idea from a guy at work and from seeing a pitch spacer that kick eez makes. I will pattern my 20 ga tonight also and see where it is hitting at. Thanks for all the info guys!
  3. Ok, I patterned at 30 yards with a modified choke. The gun is shooting low. I would say 3/4 of the pattern was below the target. So I either need to aim high or lower my eye (rear sight). Is there any other suggestions?
  4. Yes, doves are the only thing I have shot at. I will try to pattern the gun tomorrow. What choke tube should I use, one that has a tight pattern or loose pattern?
  5. I just got a new Stoeger Model 2000 12ga and can't seem to hit anything with it. (hunting doves) I have tried several diffrent choke tubes and it does not seem to help. I am not sure what I am doing but I can pick up my 20 ga benelli and hit every bird I shoot at. Any suggestions?
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