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  1. That didn't work. How do you post a pic??
  2. Upon further investigation, it appears that the breech bolt tooth is worn out. It strikes the bolt assembly at a different angle depending on the position of the c.d.l. I also have had problems with carrier spring plunger popping out. Your patient help led me to the conclusion about the bolt tooth. I called Brownell's today, talked to a tech. and went ahead and ordered a trigger assembly. Ten years of heavy shooting should wear things out. I'll give an update later. Thanks. V
  3. Thanks for the effort tucker301. I am still at a loss as to what actually stops the bolt from going foward.
  4. When the cartridge drop lever is depressed it allows a round out of the mag. and also stops the carrier from lifting up. When I push the round button it locks the c.d.r. back in the original position. All looks and sounds normal. The bolt will still not lock back! Sorry about the assembly comment. I only did a field strip which I have done 75 times.
  5. ? is....what part locks the bolt back. I have reassembled it correctly
  6. Anyone know what part keeps the bolt locked back. I press the red button, there is an audible click but the bolt won't stay back. I can see no broken or missing parts. Thanks for any help. Vince
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