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  1. Thanks for the assistance here, guys. I appreciate it. If I were to buy a rifled choke tube for the gun, are there any particlar manufactures that make those? Does Benelli? I have not yet searched for one...but it seems like that might be a good investment. Thanks for posting the pics of the ammo by the way...thats very helpful. As for the effective ranges...I dont think I will need anything over about 75 yards to be honest. The places we hunt, the deer are up close and personal. Was out last weekend with my bow and had a nice one at less than 20 yars but never got a shot at it
  2. Hey guys, I have a Nova Pump (best pump shotgun ever by the way). Its got a 28" barrel and its my trusted duck/goose gun. That said, I have recently taken up deer hunting and have been trying to figure out if I need to buy a dedicated slug barrel for it? From what I have read around here, it seems like I can shoot slugs through this thing as long as I use the IC choke or better yet, get a rifled choke. Is this correct? If so, thats completely new to me...I thought shooting slugs through a non-rifled barrel was a big no-no???? Pardon my ignorance here. I am a rookie at this
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