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  1. Went with the Nova! I thought it had a better balance to it and a better feel with the thinner receiver (not as much plastic armor). Spent the extra money on a Limbsaver, will strip it down this week to clean and oil it before testing it on some clays.
  2. I got to shoulder (but not shoot) both models today. To me the Nova seemed to shoulder better and swing smoother than the supernova. The nova felt lighter, but since they are the same weight I guess I should say it felt better balanced. I liked the slightly thinner receiver as well. Not impressed with the recoil pad on either gun, wished the came with the gel pads that the higher end auto's have....but not willing to pay $95 for a recoil pad:eek:. I'm going to look at them again tomorrow, but I think the Nova will fit the bill for me.
  3. Andrew- Thanks for your input, I did not realize that the Nova was one piece stock and reciever. The SuperNova it is!
  4. It's a shame you can't shim the Nova as the comfort tech and larger trigger doesn't sound like it's worth it. That being said, I don't think I've ever messed with the shims on any of my Berettas. Anyone normally shoot 28 in bbls and go with the 26?
  5. Hi all! Looking to buy my first Benelli and before I drive 4 hrs to the closest dealer I had a few "Nova vs SuperNova". From what I can gather from the website.. 1. The SuperNova has the comfort tech stock which comes with the additional check and recoil pads. I have heard the comfortech stock really reduces recoil but I have also heard the gel is hard as rock like Beretta's. I usually chuck the stock recoil pad on all my guns for either a pre-fit limbsaver or Kickeez. Is the pad and cheek piece the only benefit to the comfot tech stock? 2. Are the frames, barrels and internals all t
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