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  1. Haha no i understand, it needed to be asked. But I am in fact counting the choke in the barrell as one of my two. I have the IC in the barrell and the M in the little canister in the box. So I guess that leave me missing the full choke. Thanks! I actually called the store today and they said to bring my gun and box by tomorrow and we can 'figure things out'. Hopefully that means they will fix the problem without a lot of hassle, though I have found from reading some local forums that this store is not well liked by the shooting community to say the least. I will go in tomorrow morning to see if it can get figured out easily, but if not I will probably go ahead and take you up on your offer. Thanks Everyone!!
  2. I purchased a Nova on Saturday and just realized yesterday that it only had two chokes with it, and I know it was supposed to come with three. It was the display model at the store which is how I assume this must have happened. I was wondering if anyone knows which chokes come with the Nova so I know what I am needing when I go back to the store tomorrow.
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