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  1. You wouldn't by chance have any of the choke tubes for the SBE? Really don't need a case, Thanks and good Luck
  2. I have been on a Benelli buying spree! Yippee. I needed a slug gun so I purchased the Nova with a 18.5" barrel. I understand buying another barrel for turkey or duck is outrageously expensive. 1.Does anyone have one for sale, any length as long as I can change the tubes? 2. With the ghost ring sights that are currently on it, has anyone shot one with a different barrel? Does it mess you up with alignment and shooting birds? Just curious I guess. Thanks for the help!
  3. Newkie

    No respect

    That's just so wrong. It's a shame so many Americans were suckered into believe this man could change anything. It is very frustrating to say the least, and I usually do not share my political thoughts
  4. Newkie

    Choke Tubes

    If they fit a regular SBE, i'd be very intererested. Nice find, thanks.
  5. Thanks again for the tube. Greatly appreciate theh kindness. i hope to one day repay the favor.


  6. Greetings All. I have been lurking on this web site for a while now. And want to say thanks for all the great info that has been posted. After 13 years of telling my wife, That I wanted a SBE, she actually let me go out and buy one. Persistence pays off. I think I got a great deal on an old SBE, not the II, unfortunately it came with only the IC choke tube and no case. Anybody know where I can find a used complete set of tubes and case? I know the site has new ones, available, but was hoping that someone here got rid of an old gun and had this stuff laying around. Just like the
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