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  1. My buddy pulled the bolt handle outa his SBE and when we compared it to mine, it was slightly longer, so seems that the bolt handle on my M2 is indeed to short! New one on the way! Ugh, hate waiting as I'm yet to fire a round thru the new M2!!!
  2. I've got some of those last year. As long as you don't leave em out they seems to work well! If they get wet, they'll stick together, they also seems to like to turn on the necks. And it takes a little more wind to make em flap as well!
  3. I've tried over and over, and it's like the pin on the handle is to short to engage the ball lock in the bolt!!!
  4. Here's a coupla more pictures that show that the bolt handle isn't going in far enough....
  5. If you look closly, you can see the protrusion on the front of the bolt handle.... I think this is what keeps it from going in far enought to catch...
  6. That was 4 this should be 5! Sorry, haveta follow the rules!
  7. So, I'll keep this going till I get 5!
  8. I've got pictures, but can't post them till I get at least five posts!
  9. It can't be pushed in any further, theres a slight protrusion on the front of the handle that hits the bolt, stopping it just short of contacting the spring!
  10. Hey guys, I'm new to this site, and just bought a M2 and have a question on the bolt handle! What holds this in? I put it in all the way, but when I turn the gun over the bolt handle falls right out???
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