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  1. duck_lips

    SBE 2

    thanks for the info guys. Can't wait to get one of my own. The only bad part is its going to take awhile for the money to get in my pocket.
  2. duck_lips

    SBE 2

    thanks for the info. Here in utah we have all kinds of different weather during waterfowl season ranging from 80 degrees down to below zero. And i have a remington pump right now that is constantly getting wet.Iv just always wanted a semi and the sbe seems like a very well gun. If anybody else has any info plz hit me up i can really use it
  3. duck_lips

    SBE 2

    i was thinking about buying a sbe but i wanted to know how they preformed in freezing temps and icy wet conditions. things i would like to know is if they jam or if the bolt freezes thanks
  4. i was thinking about getting a semi auto and the ones i was thinking about is. The Franchi I 12 or the Stoeger m2000. Things i would like to know is. Which one is more reliable,better, ect. please give me our opinions on what you think. I have never shot either one of them so i need some info. thanks
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