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  1. Thats unfortunate, my friends go out in my backyard and we shoot over 1000 rounds at a clip.
  2. O/U cant compete when your shooting 7 plus targets at a time
  3. M2 was bought, brand new out of the box, gonna test it out tomorrow
  4. I'm not sure that I would like the extension extending past the barrel so I would probably go with one shot shorter. If the vinci can handle an extension, does anyone know of where to get one?
  5. I do like the M2. If I were to get one with a 28" barrel whats the biggest extension I could get?
  6. Hello, I have created a love for trap shooting and I would like to start trick shooting. Right now I am using a SuperNova with a shot extension, but would like to use a semi-auto Benelli. My question is which gun should i pick between the M2,SBE2, or Vinci? The supersport is out of my price range. And I would like to use a magazine extension on my new gun as well. Thank you for your opinions!
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