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  1. shoud shoot 1 inch at 100yd for $1200.00 alot of these guys get touchy about benelli when you ask a question. Check nut at sling mine comes loose alot. Semi autos are picky try 168gr like winchester and try as many differ ammo you can afford. I shoot 3/4 in at 100yd with a rem 7400 STOCK out of box with 165gr. If you reload you may get even better. I can't get past the creep in the trigger on my R1 like a 10/22 ruger I am not to happy with mine but you sure can't get what you paid out of it on resale. I don't know I may try sending mine back to factory. good luck O yeh I got a Vinci 12 ga
  2. I passed it around to 6 other hunters at camp they loved the look several said I want one now. I let each one shoot it and they all commented that the trigger would have to be fixed before $1,500.00 came out of their pockets. I used the gun this past week and the nut at end of forend keeps coming loose where the sling hooks. What next guys really either a lemon or poor design I just don't get it.
  3. jamesw245

    R1 trigger

    Anyone know of a trigger fix for R1's my 30-06 sucks!! I mean I have a 7400 and BAR that is 10 times better. I need help done spent over a grand for a gun that should be best of the best. I shoot H&K and Benelli everything and have never been so dissapointed.
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