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  1. The carrier latch seems (hopefully) to have fixed me too. More story at: http://www.benelliusa.com/forum/showthread.php?t=20660 Thanks, all, for your thoughts.
  2. Problem (hopefully) resolved. Details at: http://www.benelliusa.com/forum/showthread.php?t=20660 Thanks, all for great help
  3. AGM65CCIP and CLEEFURD, I hope you might enjoy hearing about the results of your efforts. My problem and the need to get some help with getting a carrier latch in a left hand M2 stemmed from a periodic feed failure. Details, pics, discussion in the following threads: http://www.benelliusa.com/forum/showthread.php?t=20633 http://www.benelliusa.com/forum/showthread.php?t=20660 Well, thanks to your advice and research, changing the latch was a piece of cake. (I am sorry I was a bit bullheaded about what I believed to be true). It took longer to get retrieve my cleaning/tool gunbox and dissasemble than to remove and replace. Close comparison of old and new parts reveal no discernable difference. Took the M2 to the sporting range for the "proof" test. Sure enough, first pair the blinkin' thing failed just as if nothing was changed. However, the remainder of the course the M2 performed flawlessly; as it did later in the afternoon as I reconciled some differences with some offensive ground squirrels. It just may be (and I knock on wood) that the problem is remedied. Thanks for your thoughtfulness and patience.
  4. You guys rock! While I can't get to the shotgun, I do have a memory of a very narrow (less than 1/2 mm) mystery slot in about the right place inside the receiver. I didn't investigate it or it's reason. But, a retainer has to be there - else, it would be an engineering screwup you wouldn't expect. I'm marveling at the fact you found a detail schematic of a lefty. Can't wait to get my hands on that rascal and figure out how to get that teensie little retainer out. Probably ought to do it in a plastic bubble so I can find it after it springs free! (and no, I won't drive the roll pin back in!) Thanks jillions!
  5. Here is a clip. I cannot see where there is anything but friction holding that roll pin in. No retaining gadget. Imagine the ejection port being on the other side, with everything else being the same and you can quickly see that part #67 presents a problem to get out, eg. no hole in the port opening. CS has been helpful in helping me get the parts. I got them the second try. But I can see that they wouldn't have been conversant in my problem. To be fair, Cleefurd, it really isn't a blind hole. I can drive the pin maybe 3/16" up into the groove in which the bolt ear rides. Get my handy little dremel out and cut it off, drive it again, cut, etc; until I finally wear it out. Don't want to do that. I fear I'll be forced into 1) dremel tool escapade, 2) send it to Benelli, or 3) trade it for some other sap to deal with. No good options. I'm thinking about starting another thread with my favorite theory for the cause of this malfunction. It seems it happens just enough to others that the post might be useful, and maybe someone at Benelli might. . . . WELL IT COULD HAPPEN!
  6. The carrier latch pin is a roll pin (0.10), probably 0.75 inch long. Inertia isn't going to move it. It is going to need some persuasion. Thanks.
  7. Problem is, the ejection port opening is on the opposite side of the receiver from the carrier latch. In other words, the lefty isn't a mirror of the righty. I've got no place to drive the pin up, and cant get at it from above to drive it down. I will play with the photo angle, but I'm on the road, and limited to a blackberry phone cam. I've got the M2 with me though, along with some other trade goods. I do (very much) appreciate the thought you've got in my problem.
  8. So, I can see how everybody says, "Replace the carrier latch" as if it were simple. It would be on a righty. Unfortunately on a lefty there is no apparent way to approach the pin with a punch. Righty's have that ejection port providing easy access to drive the carrier latch pin down (or up, take yer pick). Not so on the lefty. Any of you got an idea?
  9. Happy Jed found the key. I posted to the thread I had originally started on the topic (M2 Feeding Failure) to freshen it up. I have photo's in there illustrating the jam I had been experiencing. My M2 stayed in the safe through the latter part of season because of this problem. Now I'll call Benelli and see if they'll ship me Jed's parts! (they might know him by first name! LOL)
  10. This thread illustrates some of my M2 Feeding problems - very much resembling the two or maybe 3 guys with the same deal in the longer thread which Jed moved over to.
  11. Jed and Remarkable. My gun periodically stops with the jam looking just like Jeds. Posted identical picture on the other thread (M2 Feeding Failure). The reason that the elevator cannot lift is because where the cartridge stops - it has the back end of the carrier latch pressed toward the side of the receiver. This precludes the carrier latch from properly engaging the front of the cartridge drop lever - which in turn prevents the carrier from lifting and the bolt closing. Jed says he can make it work by bumping the carrier. I have to push the cartridge back clear of the carrier lever. It is conceivable that Jed is popping the cartridge up and out of the way of the carrier lever, allowing things to function. Now, why is the cartridge stopping at the location illustrated by both Jed and I?? Here is a list as suggested by an earlier post: 1)Logically, one would be suspicious of the magazine spring's strength. Jed tested that without getting a fix. 2) Shell head diameter dimensions might be a problem. 3) To much tension in the carrier latch spring might serve to capture the shell and cause the problem. I'm beginning to think #3 is a candidate problem in my case, perhaps aggravated by weakening mag. springs and/or dirty magazine tube in order to explain why it is a problem which has shown up after time and gunsmoke. More ideas???
  12. Look anything like my problem?? I put pix up on this forum at: http://www.benelliusa.com/forum/showthread.php?t=20633&page=2 Have been waiting anxiously for Remarkable to offer thoughts.
  13. Trying again - this is the marking inside the receiver where shell rims have worn into the receiver. You can readily feel the indentation with your finger. And the other side...
  14. Trying again, where it stops. . .
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