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  1. jpitt777

    Gas Piston

    You hear of problems with all semi autos, but these are great testimonies of consistency without issues. What would you say is the key in cleaning the gun to keep it from locking up?
  2. jpitt777

    Barrel Options

    I saw that there is a 20inch barrel available in the wood stock R1. Does anyone know if you can get those shorter barrels in the synthetic comfortech stock without having to buy a second barrel separately. I would like to order the 300 win mag, but I would like the 20inch barrel.
  3. I have also heard that the 300WSM tends to have more recoil than the 300 win mag.... since you have shot both in the R1, what is your opinion?
  4. I wanted to thank you for posting all the stories and pictures. I really enjoy looking at them. I currently have a Remington 700 in 270 and have been looking at rifles hoping to get a new one within the next year. I wanted a semi-auto and you have sold me on the Benelli R1. I was on the fence, but have had good experience with Benelli Shotguns and your stories have convinced me that the R1 is what I need. Your testimony that the rifle really does tame the recoil convinced me as well. I want something that isn't too big for whitetails here in WI, but could be used for Elk or Moose in the future. I am thinking the 300WSM. That does everyone think?
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