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  1. I have a question: For a shtf situation I think i may buy a Chas Daley 12 ga SA. i will use slugs and or buck. Now my question is: What options are available for this gun. I think all im interested in is a shell extendor & a scope right now. The price is good at $280 on sale. i wonder though if Id be better off paying a bit more for a remington pump or SA due to reliability and accessories i may want. whatdyathink
  2. Idont know what you were thinking by harm but My implication was that any number of results may occur.What they imagine is their own issue. Im thinking of their losing their jobs, or suffering public ridicule, as 2 examples.This would be harmful. There are more consequences to putting them on a list ,Im sure. . Humans rarely change unles they fear negative results for their actions. Yes there' re are some that dont care and there are some that do or may. There is no single thing that will change anyones actions. We have to apply as many tatics as we can in hopes to make any headway .
  3. First: is there a more appropriate place to put this on your site? Or is it not appropriate here? un Rights Advocates Target California Detective Following Facebook Posts Sunday, February 14, 2010 By Joshua Rhett Miller Gun rights advocates have a California police detective in their crosshairs after he apparently posted comments on Facebook advocating that "open carry" supporters should be shot. East Palo Alto Police Det. Rod Tuason apparently posted the remarks on his Facebook page in response to a friend's status update, which suggested that gun advocates who carry
  4. Well,not on this site but this is a statement just in general Insanity :Someone that wants change and continues to repeat the same methods and continues to get the same results All this talk as if we have to justify why we need guns. Those in position to take our right to own guns dont care how often or how clear our arguments are. It is what they want and for us to debate,splain it is useless. Ones time needs to be spent doing the following instead. A list need to be made of all promoters and supporters of gun bans or additional restrictions on the law abiding citizen
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