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  1. Thanks for the welcome Hookster. The only thing I would add is a light. The m4 you have sure is sexy and I can see the attraction to add all the goodies to it. Sukhoi fan, I agree that the M1 is more practical for my needs. Is there any other gun you would look at? Also, the $825 is an ok price? I misspoke, the shipping is extra.
  2. Thanks for the welcome Sukhoi fan. I guess I should have added that it will be used for home defense. I would like to add a light to it, but am unsure about that per the posts about adding weight to inertia guns.
  3. Hi, new guy here. My name is Matt. I am looking for a new or new to me shotgun. I've found a post ban HK stamped M1 S90 with 18.5" barrel, factory hi cap tube, ghost ring sights and regular (non pistol grip) stock for $825 shipped. Owner bought it new 12 or 13 years ago. Reported to only have less than 50 rounds through it and it has a few minor scratches and scuffing. Oh, it also has an aftermarket bolt handle and comes with 3 chokes, tool and soft case. Is this a good deal, or should I go for a new M4? Thanks, Matt
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