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  1. Posted this question to Benelli but haven't heard back. Will the forearm on a slug M2 fit a smooth bore barrel? Seems I read that the smooth bore barrel forearm will NOT fit the slug barrel. Just wondering if it's the other way around also. Searched the forums, didn't find any info one way or the other. TIA, Dale
  2. I have two M2s one in 12 & one in 20 and assume they have the same rate of twist. I tried every slug available (an expensive proposition) and Lightfields were the most accurate, three shots, less than 1 inch at 100 yds. You can sight in with the cheapest 2 3/4 and use the heavier 3 inch for hunting & have the same trajectory. Good Luck!
  3. Tried the Brennekes, 2 3/4 & 3 saboted. Accuracy was not consistent. Lightfields were the most accurate in the rifled barrel. DH99
  4. Went to the range today & shot 12 different saboted slug loads. Ended up with the Lightfield 3 inch HYBRED-ELITE 1 1/4 oz. (Orange box). Best three shot group, one inch CTC with these slugs. Gun is M2 12 ga. Slug gun w/Nikon 2x-7x ML/Shotgun scope. Getting more ammo to try at 150 and 200 yds. Also going to switch to Leupold 3x-9x Ultimate Slam scope with SBR reticle. Stay tuned. DH99
  5. Thanks, will give them a try along with the Winchesters, Federals and Lightfields.
  6. Rifled barrel. Somewhere on the Benelli website I saw that they recommended the Federal Barnes/Sabot Vital shock but didn't specify 2&3/4 or 3 inch shells. TIA, Dale
  7. Hello all, Just purchased an M2 field slug gun, 12 ga and would like to get some insight on what brand and length ammo anyone uses for the best accuracy. I have a 20 ga 11-87 that I went through hundreds of dollars of ammo trying to get it to shoot and would not like to repeat the exercise with the M2. TIA Dale
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