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  1. I am going to get some type of 4-6 inch revolver. This is the long gun I am considering. Will it harder than the 12 gauge? http://www.marlinfirearms.com/Firearms/bigbore/1895SBL.asp
  2. Ok guys I need some help with slugs. Im not a rifle or a hunting guy; rather, I am more of a tactical shooter. I travel and hike alot in places known for dangerous animals such as polar and grizzly bears. I hope to get over to africa and europe and need a quick, fast to shoot weapon that will drop anything that walks. I have a benelli M4 auto and a Mossberg 590 currently. I want the best, deepest penetrating slug I can possibly get. I have narrowed it down to the Dixie terminator and brennekeusa terminator. Is the Terminator smooth bore safe? I am NOT recoil sensitive and am will
  3. http://www.surefire.com/Benelli-M4-Picatinny-Forend I want one to mount a surefire x300 on my benelli. I read that these melt and arent better than the factory ones. Maybe I will wait until the bugs are worked out. Anyone have one? I want one that is stronger and better than the factory grips. Who makes the best combat bandolier?
  4. Is Mesa tactical the best side shell holder? How do you install them? Is it do it your self or complicated? Who makes the best small picitiny mount that will hold a surefire x300. I am looking for a light rail like this guy has but not sure what kind it is or if there is a better quality one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6gxTzRB8joM
  5. Is the Benelli after market extended M4 charging handle stronger? Which after market one is best?
  6. I want to install my carrier comp tube. Should I use a hair drier to heat the glue off on the old one? Should I use lock tight on the new one? Will it void the warrenty? Any installation tips?
  7. Why didnt they go with an improved cylinder choke? I am thinking about grabbing an improved cylinder and a full choke from http://www.trulockchokes.com/cgi-bin/eShop/index.cgi What choke does the military benelli have?
  8. What choke does the Benelli M4 come with? Can I shoot all loads including slugs with it? Do I have to remove the choke when I clean it? If I take the choke out will it be an open choke and will it be safe to shoot it this way?
  9. Can I put a green insert in the front site of my m4 or do I have to replace the entire site? Who makes the best night sites? I want to put to yellow ones in rear later but for now I want to get a green one in the front. Also, I want to mount a surefire X300 or comparable combat light. Who makes good mounting options that dont involve a rail? I wont mount more than a light but dont want to spend 300 on that huge surefire rail.
  10. How often would I lube a benelli m4 on average with CLP if it is kept under my bed to keep it running 100 percent reliable? What are the lube points? Can I use grease?
  11. What exactly do you have to do to get the 200 rebate on an m4 benelli? Is 1450 a good price for a black new one?
  12. I want to use the M4 for homedefense. Will it feed rounds dry? How long before it fails in the field as in number of rounds dry before it starts to fail? Is CLP the best lube for it?
  13. Is Carrier Comp the best of the best for tubes?
  14. What military units use the Benelli M4? Are there any other rail options for a tactical light other than that 300.00 one? Do the military guys like them? Who sells screw in chokes for these? Who makes the best CQB sling fior this? Who makes extra shell carriers that attach to the butt stoock or reciever? Does Carrier Comp make the best tube extension? BTW I just bought one :-)
  15. What length barrel does the US military use? Does anyone use the 14'' barreled M4? What is shortened on this model? Is it less reliable than a full size? How hard would it be to mount a Knox folding stock?
  16. It says on the website that they have optional night sites. I seen one in a shop and they where bright. Do they still sell them with the optional night sites?
  17. I almost bought an M4 today. I found a desert cammo one for 1400. It did not have night sites for some reason. Which ones dont have night sites? I thought all M4's did? What are the site options?
  18. alfred10

    Benelli M4.

    I like the bayonet option. It helps prevent a gun grab in tight hallways and gives me an option if the gun jams. I think a CQB shotgun is better with a bayonet...
  19. alfred10

    Benelli M4.

    Will this gun run good dry? How hard is it to detail strip and clean argo system? My largest problem is that there is not really anyway to mount a light other than that over priced huge rail system. Also doesnt have a bayonet lug... Will these come down in price at some point? I want one but am affraid they will either drop in price or offer it with the two options I mentioned....
  20. Might get optics for to swtich between my AK47 and Benelli M4. Other than battery life what makes the eotech or aimpoint better? How much better is the shotgun with these at close and moderate range?
  21. how does the argo system work
  22. What defensive ammo runs best in a clean and dirty Benelli M4? I am looking at running a 3 inch buck shot or slug for my first then possibly 2.75 for the rest. Will it mess it up if I use a 3 inch followed by 2.75 in the elevator or tube? Or, if I used a 3inch in chamber, 3 inch in elevetor, and 2.75 in tube. Whats the differences between slugs? Which will have the largest chance of dropping a charging bear? I have seen KO slugs and other brands but dont know much about them.
  23. http://www.mesatactical.com/index.php?id=63 What about mesa tactical? How hard are they to mount?
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