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  1. Thanks for the input, I bent that part and that issue is solved.
  2. If anyone has a solution I'd be grateful; I guess the issue begins when I bottom load the magazine. It seems that the ramp isn't seating properly when pushed up. It stops and stays in position but if you try to load a shell the shell will pinch and get stuck. I then remove the shell and put sideways pressure on the ramp which will then click and depress a further 1/16 of an inch or so. I don't know if its related but at times, when I come up to fire, I pull the trigger I get nothing as if the trigger has already been pulled. Finally If the first shell does fire the gun doesn't
  3. Unfortunately, no one is going to want to take responsibility. But it is probably poor surface prep, as stated by Novaking. You'll need to get the dealer involved, but don't rely on them. Keep after the manufacturer, as a lot of questions and take notes. i.e., who manufacturers the film, who responsible for the prep and application of the film? How is it dried and or cured? What type of failures do they have on record? Most of these questions they will not answer directly, but the squeaky wheel will get greased. If you can, use info from one manufacturer and take it to the other. The customers
  4. Your guide is a great help. I was afraid if I started to pull the bolt a part springs would start flying.
  5. I hunt a pit blind 3 days week. I've had my SBEII for 2 seasons and yesterday a had 3 or 4 mis-fires. It happened with all different types of shells, new, old, BlackCloud and Winchester. I clean my gun after every hunt due to the amount of rain and snow we've had. Not to mention the dust and dirt of being underground. I was about to take apart the bolt/pin yesterday but hesitated to do so, as I can't find a schematic online..... Any help? Thanks.
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