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  1. Did not realize that,thank for the info.
  2. No real reason,used my 870 the last 16 springs,just looking for a project to tweek on.Really looked at the single shot Hand R'S and Rossi,but the idea of being able to make a follow up shot or use the right choke,shell,for a particular shot has appeal to me.Maybe straight 7's with a open choke for heavy cover hunting,5's or 6's with a tighter choke in fields or pastures,all in the same gun.
  3. Cosidering a Condor to transform into a turkey gun{currently shoot a 12 ga 870}.I would like to go down to a 20 ga,thinking a youth model Condor with 2 different chokes,1 for close shots in cover and a tighter choke for fields,.longer shots,etc.The tighter choke should allow me a follow up shot if the first shot misses,assuming the second shot may be farther.Anyone have a setup like this?Also would prefer a black synthetic but dont see a replacement for the youth gun.Just joined here,looks like some useful info.Thanks in advance.
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