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  1. Is it common for a gun to shoot off center?
  2. Everything I shoot out of my new m2 is a shade left.
  3. Update: ports are drilled straight on, not like the promo photo. As far as patterns...hevi13 with magnum blend is great, just 4 inches left out of my gun. Tried some low brass 6s out of the stock full choke at 19 yards and they were an inch left(center of pattern). It is unbeliveable how frustrating it is to have a new gun that shoots left... Any hints, tips, advice, or anything that will keep me sane would be appreciated...
  4. Not sure about the porting, and will look after work. I'm heading back out this evening to try a different choke, and will post results later tonight. I'm not sure how I feel about a rear sight. For turkey hunting its fine, but most of the time it will be waterfowl/upland use.
  5. Well, I just bought an M2 American and a HeviShot 13 choke. Also bought a box of the Magnum Blend Ammo 3". Shot it last night and pattern was 3-4 inches left at 30 yards... Thought it might be shells, so I tried some Winchester Supreme 5s. Still left... Tried some number 8s at 12 yards...Still left. Got mad and went home... Today, after thinking on it some, want to try another choke and will borrow a buddy's JH and give that a shot. If it's still left, I'm not sure what I will do...If it straightens it out, I may be cutting somebody a heck of a good deal on a choke... Will try and post pics tomorrow of the targets. If anybody has any advice on the left issues, please let me know...
  6. Bought a new M2 American this past weekend. Love the gun. However, I've got a few questions on it. Does anybody make a recoil pad for it? Benelli has one out there, but it costs $100...Was hoping to find a Limbsaver or something, but don't see any that snap on like the factory pad. Also, patterning it with turkey loads last night did not go well at all. Shooting of a bench, and at 30 yards my pattern is left of center about 3-4 inches. Very frusterating. Tried it with 4 different types of turket loads, and some #8s, but it is consistantly left...Any ideas?
  7. What's the difference in these shotguns?
  8. I will use it mainly for waterfowl hunting, but don't really feel the need to shoot 3.5"s. I think the plain old 3"s will do fine. That being said, if I ran up on a heck of a deal on a SBE or SBE II, I'd probably think hard about it.
  9. After hunting with nothing but an 870 for the past 15 years, I have decided to buy an automatic. That being said, I am sure , I think, that I want a Benelli. What do I want?? Here's where I need help. I shot a friends ComfortTechM2 and an older M1 Super 90. Both were black synthetic and very similar. What's the difference, other than the Comforttech stock? Also, what exactly is the M2 American? Is the only difference between it and the M2 the Comfortech stock? Do all these guns use the same choke? I tried a Older Beretta choke in the Super90 and it fit. Would it fit a M2? Is the m2 worth the extra money over the M2 American? Thanks for any help you can give me.
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