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  1. wow i thought this thread was dead at 3 posts, then it got kind of lively. Pretty cool. For morning hunts i do get to my stand well before legal shooting light. For afternoon hunts i usually walk in loaded, but hoisting it up to the stand makes me nervous even when it is pointed barrel down. i will have to practice at the range to make sure the gun fires after i experiment with loading it quietly. So most guys are pleased with their SBE slug barrels? If these barrels come with iron sights, does anyone prefer shoot-through scope mounts? i was told by a gunsmith that they tend to put your head too high for a comfortable mount, but i know some guys like 'em.
  2. Thanks for the input. Any opinions on the SBE slug barrel accuracy-wise and with regard to scope mounting? i was hoping it was an upgrade from the cantilever barrel.
  3. Hi all, First post, although i have read many posts in the past. Does anyone have any tricks on how to load shells quietly from a deer stand? Specifically i mean when closing the action. If this is done too gently the first shot will not fire? i have never experimented with this, just wondering if anyone had any tips. The main reason i am asking, is i am considering purchasing a slug barrel for my SBE. Currently i use a Remington 870 with a Hastings cantilever barrel, which i can load pretty quietly while on stand. i think the SBE with a slug barrel would be an upgrade, but the amount of noise is a concern. Any thoughts? Thanks.
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