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  1. MPrice

    Hi All

    Thanks for your response, Actually I'm trying to get it "right",so that I should keep it.With this much information on a site like this, I hope to get it just right.I have the SBE 1and wish to lower my stock,just to see which way shoots best.I have considered this gun overated, but no wonder, hopefully it will with a few adjustments become my favorite.
  2. MPrice

    Hi All

    I was noticing that the trigger was not to good. I put a lb scale on it and it was somewhere in the 5lb range. Not as bad as some, but the travel is a mile! Anybody got this problem? Any fix's?
  3. MPrice

    Hi All

    I had noticed that the shells would hang as they were being pushed from the magazine tube. As I inspected it, while cleaning for a second time today[which was the first time ever, did not think it needed it since it had only been shot 50 times in 12 years] I wondered why the plunger on the spring was coming up short. I found my manual, looked at the drawings and guess what? the plunger was backwards. No wonder I had so many problems. I bought this gun new, must have came that way. Works good now. All I need is a good recoil pad, hopefully slightly shorter and slick.[tape trick works, just don't look to good.] And I would like to find the "D" shims.
  4. MPrice

    Hi All

    Thanks, I'll try that, one of the archives said try armoral. I just cleaned the gun, not the extent that you said and the bolt and feed seem to be much better. I am searching archives now to see where to lubricate. Considering it had not been used much and it should not have been dirty, it seems much better. Who knows, Maybe with the new shim change, a slicker recoil pad and a good cleaning, I just might like it. First light tomorrow should be a good test.
  5. MPrice

    Hi All

    Could you explain please?
  6. MPrice

    Hi All

    Several things that this site could help me with; I have had my Super Black Eagle for many years now but I have hardly used it because my 11-87 fit me so good that I could shoot it so much better. At the present time my 11-87 extractor is broken so I have to use my SBE. So I changed shims from the A that has always been to C shims. It feels much better although I would like to try D shims. After lots of wasted time on the computer and wasted phone calls, I have given up. Another point is that dreadful recoil pad that "sticks" when you shoulder it. Another, Is the fact that it will not shoot 3 1/2's without jamming every time. Also while unloading, it has become apparent that the feed guide is very weak and doesn't want to push the sheel up into the path of the bolt. While I have always been disgusted with this high priced, overrated gun, maybe someone here can point out my problem and change my mind.
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