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  1. Thanks for the reply i have tried all of that.. I don't know what i'm going to do.. I have a email in to benelli to see if they have replaced that part with a new one but haven't heard back yet. Any iformation will help. Thanks
  2. I have an M1 Super 90 Field. I recently noticed the rivet which holds the front of the ejector housing to the barrel was missing leaving only the split pin at the rear to hold the ejector housing in place. I tried to order a new ejector rivet but the EJECTOR HOUSING RIVET PART # 172B60168 is discontinued by BENELLI. Does anyone know where i can find one. maybe there is a replacement part somewhere Hopefully, someone new can help out.


    I need a schematic on a m1 super 90. I need one that i can zoom in on the parts. I'm looking at the ejector on the end on the barrell.. The one on brownells web will not let you zoom can anyone help me..... Thanks
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