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  1. Don60

    New 2000

    Hello, I picked up a new Stoeger 2000. And so far I am very pleased. This Christmas I was fortunate enough to get 200.00 worth of Dick's gift cards and a 10.00 off coupon. Well I was thinking about a new shotgun for the spring gobblers and thought about the 2000's Dick's had on sell for 399.00. Picked up a camo version with a 28" barrel. After breaking it down, cleaning it up and lubricating with Rem-oil. I must say this is a very well put together shotgun. Fit and finish are excellent. I will not be able to put it through a function test for a week or two, I have 75 rds
  2. Don60

    M3 Functions

    Thankyou for your reply, I have considered the M4, and may purchase one at some point. The M3 has always interested me in its dual capability and also the possibility of using a longer vented barrel if I desired. So far from what I read the M4 has no barrel options. I understand that for the purpose it was designed it seems to have no rivals, but at this time I am looking for a little versitility as oppose to a straight combat weapon. Thanks, Don
  3. Don60

    M3 Functions

    Hello Gentlemen, I am new to the forum and very happy to join. If I may, I would like to ask a few questions of the members about the M3. I am considering a purchase soon but from research on the net I am confused about a few things that possibly someone could clarify for me. First in pump action mode does the action lock when a round is chambered,I have read some conflicting statements that it may or may not.And second some statements I have read imply that the pump action mode is only for the use of light loads and not intended for full power loads. Thanks in advance...Do
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