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  1. 18.3 PSF is the barrel length? and PSF CC stands for? i know CC stands for the model year, like yours in a 2008, mine should be CD. Oh and my question about some have the m4 mark and some don't? Is that a big deal? No m4 markhttp://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/b/b5/Shotgun_in_training_US_military.jpg m4 Markhttp://ee.ar15.com/uploadImages/20090615/138146/Uploaded_633806839793222500_File.JPG So what markings should be on my Benelli M4 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. etc?
  2. Another question, How come i see some with the m4 mark and some without it? Is this some kinda of earlier model.
  3. Haha no problem i will keep you all posted
  4. Guys thanks so much and i'll answer all the questions here and i mean you guys are really nice again thank you. The price of the full gun was 800.00 dollars and i checked and re-checked with them and they said its a new Benelli M4 for 800.00 dollars, they said it will cost them 750.00 to get it (maybe they have sources is what i believe) and they are charging me shipping plust 10 percent came to 800.00 on my reciept. My e-mail is [email protected] and again thank you guys very much for all the pics and help this is really gonna ease me and know IF they screwed anything up i am getting all my money back. Edit: Hey Need in the last two pictures, what are those weird symbols on top of the barrel and right near the trigger guard?
  5. Okay well can you guys i don't know convert the pictures onto another website or something.
  6. Thank you very much tucker, is there a way to find out if its a 2 port when my benelli is shipped?
  7. I recived a message from someone saying the only issue may be a 2 or 4 port? I don't know what that is, or what i am getting a 2 or 4. How can i find out. As i said before it is a standered M4 full stock full size 4+1 shot all black.
  8. I tried looking for correct marking pictures but could not find any.
  9. Haha no i know you were joking but i couldnt see the pictures photobucket said they were deleted =( can you send me pictures that aren't deleted i am sure he didnt know they were deleted.
  10. So where can i find the correct marking guys? If anyone has or knows somebody with a Benelli M4 and can send me some pictures to look at so i know of a true Benelli M4.
  11. cody6.0 Thanks very much that helps me alot! And i just look on the box for the code?
  12. So if i am geting a new Benelli m4 is should have CC as a mark? or a 2010 mark? Thank you guys again.
  13. Thanks need, What should i look for in a real benelli M4, like the one i am getting? Anything i should look for like knock off parts or damages to parts, real markings, could you give me a list what i should look for that would help so much, i'm a nervous wreck cause this gun i have wanted for so long and now i am getting it! So if you guys could pitch in and make a list of what it whould have or shouldn't have i would be so greatful! Thank you guys alot this is my first gun i just turned 19 and have no idea what i should be looking for in a true Benelli M4, and i really want what they say i'm getting. Again thank you all very very much!
  14. So guys, am i really this lucky? I mean what they said and i checked with them like three times and they all said the same thing. Am i getting a Benelli M4 for 800.00$?
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