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  1. 300243- Speed Bead, Benelli SuperNova
  2. you could have got the speed dot mount or went with the speed bead
  3. Well with doing alot of looking around I have come up with this combo H.S. undertaker hevi choke tube .655 with hevi13 3in 6 shot 1 5/8 oz. What do you think? I will also test the factory one too..
  4. A nice trip looking for birds before the season starts..
  5. Thanks guys I m going to test the factory choke and the primos tightwad in a .655. The test will be with 2 loads the win ext rang 1 3/4 6 shot and Remington Premier High Velocity Turkey 1 3/4 5 shot . I will posting the test..
  6. Thats the ammo I will be shooting what size choke would i buy?
  7. I know that but with a ported you mite lose distance am I right or wroung?
  8. well I will shooting Winchester Xtended Range Turkey shells 1 3/4oz 6 shot
  9. what works the best with the stoeger 2000 for turkey hunting.
  10. can you show me the target and what shells were you shooting
  11. I just bought a M2000 and,I was woundering if the turkey choke it comes with it good or is there a better one to use in it to get a better pattern out of it.. Thanks
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