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  1. A 2005 Benelli Super Black Eagle does it have comfort tech if it has steady grip? What is its value? What camo did they come in?
  2. If a man were to buy a raised comb pad for a SBEII or M2 if they wanted to shoot the gun with optics how much do they cost? Where can they be bought? Does the M2 pad and SBE pad match up?
  3. The M2 20ga 24" gun is pound lighter than M2 12ga 21" gun. Has anyone had bad or good luck setting up a 20? Recoil more on the lighter 20 or heavier 12? What choke and shell are you all shooting out of 20ga M2's?
  4. Are new M2 and SBEII tapped?
  5. I currenty own a 28" SBEII and I am in the market for a 24" SBE II, 21" M2, or 24" M2 My biggest question is what is the major difference besides the 3.5 shooting ability. The gun will be used primary for turkey hunting... What chokes are shooting turkey loads good in the SBEII and M2 with what shoot? I am more interested in the Winchester Xtended Range. If I buy a SBEII can not get 21" gun if I look at 24" I have option of shooting 3 or 3.5 and more options for loads and performance. How does the M2 21" perform with good choke and turkey loads...the real short barrel scares me a little as it may be a little harder to get "just right"... How is POA and POI with these guns with after market chokes and how are the Benelli chokes in comparison to the after market ones like Kicks, Indian Creek..etc. Know it is a long first post but looking forward to some good replies.
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