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  1. Howdy, Just wondering if it is safe to shoot slugs through a 28" SuperNova barrel. (Obviously using a choke not tighter than 'modified'). Thanks in advance!
  2. I have a similar question regarding the removal of the SuperNova's front sight. Do you just twist by means of 'righty tighty, lefty loosey'? This seems like the most fragile part on this shotgun and don't dare to just start yanking/twisting the one 'nudge' that you can hold on to. Please let me know ... thanks in advance.
  3. Hey! My Supernova has the field configuration, it's not drilled or tapped. The only thing I have on top of the action is that 'ribbled strip'. I was wondering what the options are for optics in this situation. I know there are some 'mounts' that are secured by locking it in between the stock and action. Thing is, I don't know what this system is called and where to find information on it. And also ... if there are alternative ways of installing a picatinny rail or optic, I would love to hear them! Thanks in advance, Daniel
  4. Hey everyone, Sort of new to shotgun shooting still and I was wondering how much rain or water it takes for a Supernova before failure to fire, or safe to do so. I know with rifles you want to be really carefull with oil or water down the barel for example, how is that with shotguns? Thanks in advance, Daniel
  5. Hey everyone, Never seen this forum! It looks like a very informative community and will definately be snooping around here some more in a bit. Today I shot something out of my SuperNova ... no shot though! After I took it apart and wanted to whipe down the 'inside part' of the receiver/action part, I noticed a little part with the corresponding part number '045N', the Ejector Pin. Started playing with it, noticed the spring, decided to pull it back and slipped away on me. Yeeeaahhh ... kind of like the good old 52 card pick up trick! Three parts: 1. The spring '046N Ejector
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