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  1. I called the gun shop and they told me I would have to deal directly with benelli for 'warrant' concerns. Yeah it seems excessive to me, especially without the bolt mining at all. Well, any pointers on dealing with benelli directly? Any idea how long might be without it? Thanks again for all the help!
  2. I had a thread going about what I am perceiving as a potential problem. I went ahead and posted a video on YouTube of the "play or slack" that the forend of my new nova has. Anyway, just looking for some feedback on it. Thanks again! Shawn Here's the Link:
  3. Ok, I could tell that I may have not been clear in my post. I uploaded a video to youtube to demonstrate what I am talking about. Please let me know what you think. Thanks again. Shawn
  4. Yes, I have tried adjusting the tightness of them. It is almost like the bolt may have a little play itself back and forth. Either that or the plastic foreend (pump handle) has the play back and forth. I am meaning in the direction that the action moves back and forth, there is play once the bolt is in the closed position ready to fire. Thanks for your any info. Shawn
  5. Yes, bolt is fully closed like a round is ready to fire and there is this 1/8 inch of 'vertical' movement that makes this popping sound. Basically, with it closed you can move the foreend up and down this small amount and get that clicking.
  6. Sorry but I don't understand the question.
  7. Well, from what I have read the rattle is where you van kinda twist the foreend and that play produces the rattle. This is kinda like a notch, imagine chambering a round to shoot and you pull the gun up and tight against your shoulder, when you pull it tight against your shoulder there is a 'catch' that basically makes one popping sound and feel the foreend come back like an 1/8 of an inch. You can then push away on the foreend and duplicate that popping sound......make sense?
  8. I just purchased a new Benelli Nova, I am most excited with my purchase and can not wait till the weekend. However, I do have one concern with the forend, I understand the play "Side to Side" by twisting the pump forend, but mine seems to have a notch of play vertically. (Meaning in the same way the action would operate) when it is in a locked close position. Like when i pull it to my shoulder for what would be to take a shot, when i pull it tight against my shoulder, the forend gives just a little bit and it makes a very loud click. I have looked at it closely, just seems like something is not lined up quite right. Any suggestions would be appreciated!!!!! Thanks. Shawn
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