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  1. Sorry everyone. My uncle just bought it from me.
  2. field barrel (haven't measured it yet because it's at my dad's) with the metal bead sight halfways down and a red fiber optic at the end. Just like it shows on the field configuration if you look at the nova page.
  3. I have owned this gun for a couple years and I want to sell it because I will be studying abroad next year and I need the extra money to pay for tuition. I have a couple other shotguns and this wasn't being used very much (only been trap shooting a few times). No rust, scrapes or any blemishes. It is in excellent condition and has been well maintained. I would like to get $325 shipped to your door. ***Pictures will be coming soon (I don't own a camera so I have to try and get a hold of a friend's)
  4. As my post implied, this gun has the Steadygrip stock (which is the Benelli pistol grip stock) and ghost ring sights. Also, as you may have seen in the pic, it is black. The condition is like new, with roughly 50 rounds or so through the gun (all low recoil Federal).

  5. Thank you for that info!!!!! I might have to go get one next weekend
  6. You have a Supernova Tactical for sale??? Comfortech stock or pistol grip? ghost ring or rifle sights? black or desert camo? condition and use?

  7. Well I want a Supernova with the Comfortech stock, drilled and tapped reciever for a picatinny rail, but with a field barrel. I don't think you can buy this combo unless it's special ordered or something but I do have a Nova field and I just found out that that barrel will also fit in the Supernova. If Shotgunnoob's tactical is in good condition I might be interested
  8. Sweet! I have a Nova field but want to upgrade to the Supernova. This way I can get a Supernova tactical w/ the comfortech stock, swap the barrels, and sell the new Nova tactical. I want a Supernova w/ comfortech stock, drilled and tapped reciever for a picatinny rail, but with a field barrel...if this sounds confusing to anyone lol.
  9. cabela's is the cheapest I know of at $450...
  10. Are they the same or different barrels?
  11. I want to get a Supernova an my multi-purpose gun (birds and coyotes) so I want to get the comfortech stock with a field barrel, but I would also like the reciever to be drilled and tapped so I can mount a red dot sight for turkey hunting. Is the turkey configuration drilled/tapped? Otherwise I would need to do something like getting a tactical configuration but with a field barrel without having to buy it separately since they cost almost as much as the gun. Any advice? Does anyone know of a place to get a Supernova cheap? Cabela's has them for $460 (black) and $550 (camo)...
  12. I know coyotes can get spooked easily so I am wondering what lengths I would need to go to get camo'd up before hunting. I'm sure covering your whole body in camo clothes is important but is it necessary to have your gun/whatever else be camo too? It sounds a little over the top to me. Opinions are welcome
  13. Also, I love the all black look of the synthetic, but I was wondering if upgrading to the realtree apg hd camo is that much of a benefit when coyote or turkey hunting? I don't think it would make too much of a difference since it would be a backup gun anyway or would it help? I don't know how spooked they are by that sort of stuff. I would be hunting in spring or winter so i'm sure both would work well for the snow...
  14. Is the extended worth the extra $10 over the patternmaster long choke tube? They both advertise being effective out to double what these other guys are recommending to shoot, 75-80 yards rather than 30-40 yards. (not that I necessarily would...probably just use the rifle past 40 yards) So more than likely I would just stick with the long and save the money for more ammo.
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