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  1. if you could reverse the safety you could deactivate it with your trigger finger
  2. have any experience with triball in one?
  3. sorry kitten i just got mine yesterday (supernova tactical) i ll tell you why i started out looking for a tactical ,pistol grip, pump shotgun with ghost rings i then found they were made in 3.5 inch chambers (supernova and rem 887) i then learned of the button on the bottom of the forearm of the supernova and that sealed the deal im learning i made a great purchase
  4. is the triball bad for your barrel?
  5. it seems to have come oiled from the factory do i need to do anything before i shoot it?
  6. pretty cool what kind of distance can you accurately shoot?
  7. ok yesterday i picked up a supernova tactical (solid black) with the pistol grip and ghost rings im impressed this is only my second shotgun (saiga 12 was 1st) and first pump of anykind id like to see pictures of some fixed up supernovas like lights extended mags and all
  8. anybody get anywhere on this? i picked up my supervova yesterday and i shoot lefty
  9. i think dixieslugs triball looks pretty wicked
  10. wow and only 300 more that i paid for my supernova tactical with ghost ring sites
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