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  1. kuba

    M3 magazine tube nut

    Mine M3 have long magazine tube. I had an oportunity to try Nordic extension nut for M2 and Nova. Both did not fit my shotgun. M2 having to big and Nova having to small thread. I re-thread Nova nut and cutted down original magazine tube. Works great so far.
  2. Hello I'm looking for an info does the locking nut/end cap thread on M3 magazine tube is the same as on M2 model? I'm wondering is it possible to mount Nordic magazine extension tube for M2 on my M3 shotgun.
  3. I'm planning to buy M3 and now I'm sure it will need just a proper maintenance to make me smile for long time. Thanks for all the answers.
  4. It is my first post here so Hello to everyone! I'm wondering what lifespan should I expect from Benelli Inertia Driven shotgun. I know it is a tricky question and depends very on various circumstances like proper maintenance, loads used etc. I just want to have ruff idea is it something near 1k rounds or 10k rounds or even more...
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