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  1. You might try the choke collar and put a long leash on it. Before you put the long leash on it put the clip through the handle part so that you have a big loop. put the loop over one of your shoulders and threw your other arm, then attach the collar to the dog. Now play fetch. This will make her wait for you to tell her to retrieve the dummy/toy/bird. Start without the big bang (gun shot, probly after a week or two dont rush it). This has worked for every dog ive trained. Hope it helps. Doing this you have two free hands one to use to wrap around the dogs mouth...using whateve command you want
  2. Sorry...they did come with chokes, i meant a choke that will shoot a tighter steel pattern. An after market choke, such as the kicks chokes tube.....so any of the sbe2 chokes will work? Sorry for the confusion thanks guys
  3. I just purchased a vinci (sweet!!!!) and am looking for a choke in full....does kicks make one for the vinci? I havent seen it on the list but was wondering if the sbe2 would work???? Thanks for your help guys
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