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  1. looking for a cordoba,
  2. just wondering if there was some instructions somewhere on the drop and cast shims, i know my specs but cant locate my book, and if i remeber right they instuctions werent the best thanks Jared
  3. I have a SBE steady grip i hunt turkeys and coyotes with and love it, I bought a slug barrel and forarm for it a few yrs back and havent used it alot but it doesn shoot great. now I have bought a SBE II and got the free steady grip stock they were offering, question is will the slug barrel work on the new SBE II or do i need to buy one for it? if so where might i locate the part number? reason i am asking is i might sell the SBE and hate to have to drop the extra cash on the slug barrel if i dont need to. thanks Jared
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