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  1. Thanks, guys. Obviously the choke is the prime influence on pattern, but from my understanding, barrel length does play a role in not only shot speed, time for power to completely burn, but also, to a lesser extent, pattern density. Just wondering what your turkey barrel preference was. I know shorter has been the norm, just wondering if that is changing. Nice photo, Dark Knight!
  2. Have a 28-inch barrel on my SBE II for all-around hunting (upland, waterfowl, turkey). Looking to get a dedicated barrel just for turkeys and mount a red dot. I'm thinking of getting a 24-inch barrel, but I see a number of you use a 28 incher. Any reason why. Is it pattering vs weight and mobility. What is your favourite barrel length for turkey? Thanks
  3. I’d like to get a rifled slug barrel for an SBE II and mount a scope on it. I know the slug barrel comes with barrel-mounted sights. But do they interfere with what size scope (40mm / 50mm) that you can mount on it without either touching the sights or without the sights being seen through the scope. Also, if you need to mount the scope high to get relief from the sights, is it a good idea to get a raised comb? Do any of you use a raised comb on your SBE slug gun? Thanks for your input.
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