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    I grew up hunting with my Dad in MO. After nearly 10 years in the Army I moved out west to Colorado.
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    Colorado Spings, Colorado
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    Hunting, fishing, filming predator hunts
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    Heavy Equipment Operator
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  1. They eat anything and everything! They eat fawns, calves, turkey nests, and peoples pets. They are truly natural born killers, as hunters if we can help control numbers it saves ranchers a lot of money on airplanes shooting them. Once the airplanes shoot out an area it takes a long time to get the numbers back up to where a guy can call in a few. In some parts of Colorado they eat watermelon crops, they dig into a melon, if it ain't ripe they go to the next. One farmer said they ruined several hundred pounds a day.
  2. The main thing when hunting coyotes is being sneaky. Sneak into your set up, and hide the best you can. Try not to skyline yourself. If they get down wind they are gone, but they will normally try to see you as they circle down wind, use it to your advantage. Carry a shotgun as well as a rifle, it's a pain but it's the only way to go. Every time I get lazy and leave the shotgun one will come flying past me at the speed of light! lol The ones that come in on a dead run rarely stop to give you a shot with a scoped rifle. The front shoulder is the shot placement, most I hit right behind the shoulder run a ways before they crash. Hope this helps!
  3. Why hunt coyotes? There is a whole list of reasons to hunt coyotes. Some items on the list would be what I call "logical" reasons, such as coyotes are destructive to other game species. My favorite reason would be listed as more of an "emotional" reason. It's fun, it's why spring turkey hunters out number the fall turkey hunters, it's why hunters pick up a bow and hike the mountains for bugling bull elk, putting their selves at a huge disadvantage. It's the a lure of calling animals to one's self. To fool a critter into thinking you are what it is looking for, and then pulling off the shot undetected. Any other coyote hunters hanging around here?
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