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  1. I found one for sale. Should it come with any additional mounting hardware, key etc?
  2. Thanks again! I might just run it without tape switch.
  3. Hello everyone, Long time no speak :). I finally got my M4 and want to ask for some feedback/questions on the following: 1 - I want to purchase SureFire: X400 Ultra, any feedback on it for M4? 2 - What is everyone’s opinion on light mount for it? Should I go with IWC (Scout Light mount or 1913 picatinni mount? Any other options for light mounts? Thanks and stay safe
  4. Great to know, thanks guys.
  5. thanks for your help tucker. One more question, When I try to take the barrel off, it's extremely tight. I almost have to put a lot of force/pressure. Is it normal? P.S. Top receiver is mated to the lower receiver correctly.
  6. Got my new toy! I'm speechless:D She's a beauty. Quick question, I have a very small chip in my camo finish on the receiver..very hard to see. How should I care for it and will it be a big issue with a bit of metal exposed? thanks
  7. hey tucker, will be trying to bag some Canada goose, ducks, turkeys, upland, deer and boar
  8. Thanks for the welcome Mike, looking forward to getting to know my SBE II and share/learn some stories and expirience here.
  9. I think I found the answer..that camo is Realtree APG HD just like the one in here: gunsinternational.com/Benelli-Super-Black-Eagle-II.cfm?gun_id=100121400
  10. Hello all, Been reading the forum for some time and really appreciate all the great info. My hunting buddy let me try his SBE II and I pulled the trigger and put one on hold at my local shop. It's a brand new SBE II with 26" bbls in camo. Here's my question..it's not a MAX-4 and not a Realtree APG but it looks like "break-up" pattern with a lot of green in it. I can't see this camo on Benelli site. Can someone clarify what camo is it? thanks in advance
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