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  1. Forgot to update: Finally received mine before Christmas. I hope that, if they do this on the MR1, that they change rebate companies.
  2. Good deal man. I emailed Laurie at Benelli again, since the time period she laid out had passed. She shook some trees and found that it just mailed and should be here within a week. I'm re-crossing my fingers.
  3. Update: I received a confirmation email from Laurie at Benelli after contacting them directly. Then I received a different email from CS at Benelli requesting my serial number. Screw that, I replied to Laurie and thanked her for the update. I should have my $ in 2-3 weeks. BTW I received an update email from Vapid Rebates. Haven't opened it yet, but maybe it's an email telling me what I already know, thanks to Laurie. At this point I think Benelli knows what they're doing, right up until anything is handed off to the rebate goofs. I'll post when I get the check.
  4. Just sent details to Benelli. I'll post up if I hear back. I think Benelli are going to be at least more responsive. Maybe I'm wrong. What a shame that their weapons are great, yet the rebate jackasses are, well, jackasses. Meanwhile my buddy is getting a Mossberg 930SPX and will be asking me "So, how much did you REALLY pay for that thing?" PS Funny that the rebate people call themselves "Rapid Rebates". They should change that to "Rapid Rebate Refusals".
  5. Chuck: That's how I did this. I received the same message. Funny, given that the numbers match. Now they want us to cut up the boxes. Oh well, time to get crafty with the razor. That is, if they ever send this mysterious refusal letter with the required instructions. I'd still like to know how an M4 from a Benelli dealer isn't a qualifying product. If that letter arrives I'll know...
  6. That's my thinking. 'Heck', they match the ones on the box. OCR is OCR, so if they match then one is as good as the other. It could take months, so send that puppy now. Make copies of everything
  7. Gotcha. But that's still utter crap from the rebate people, since their form allowed for copies. I emailed them asking for an email update, since who knows when the letter will arrive. That was probably for nothing...I'm going to head to the safe and hug my Nelli.
  8. Just received my email. Went to the rebate site to find out: "We are unable to process your claim for the following reasons: -Required product not purchased. -UPCs not valid for this offer You will receive a letter in the mail that explains the steps required to resolve these issues." That's odd, as I bought an M4 during the proper time period and submitted actual UPC codes. (There was a spare set, still on the backing paper, which I verified against the one on the box and sent out.) I can't wait to see what they say in the mail. Now everyone who laughed because I bought this instead of a Mossberg 930SPX can laugh a bit more. At least the M4 itself is nice...
  9. KenV

    New M4!

    Hey all. After a month's wait my M4 arrived today. It's my first post so no pic yet... This thing was really easy to assemble! Funny thing, the mag tube was hand-tight, no Loc-tite at all. The choke was barely tight, but I didn't think that was a big deal since it's natural to go over every inch of a new gun anyway. At least the tube swap will be easy. Anyway, I've been lurking since July when I heard of the sale. And now, off to find the gentleman making Ti tubes! K Edit: The short tube was hand-tight. The rest of the tube is probably tight as a vise back at the receiver end.....my bad.
  10. Good point. I ordered mine a few days before a sale where the Benelli rep was due to have a table. My M4 will have run $1550 with tax/DROS and I think I did well enough.
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